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20 examples of business topics that benefit from creative thinking


Every organization can benefit from creativity. In every situation, new ideas can make a difference. Creative thinking can be applied to all sorts of challenges. You can use creativity to solve problems, to improve existing methods or to utilise opportunities and create entirely new products and services.

At HatRabbits we believe that everybody is creative and that creativity should be part of everyday life. We believe that every business can and should use creativity to explore opportunities and solve the problems that matter.

Companies that embrace creativity are more innovative, more resilient and more attractive to potential employees.

You too can generate new ideas that will make a difference within your organisation. Ideas that will help you and your company do things better, faster, smarter, cheaper, in a more sustainable way, etc.

Just think about ways in which you can create new value for your clients, your team or yourself. Don’t worry, generating new ideas doesn’t require a lot of time. When you use creative thinking techniques (alone or with your colleagues), 5-10 minutes should be enough to generate dozens of valuable new ideas.

But what topics are suitable for creative thinking? You might think that out of all the topics you encounter during your work day, only a few are suitable to think creatively about. However, almost any situation benefits from creative thinking.

Any subject is suitable for creative thinking

Any situation that requires new ideas is a situation that begs for creative thinking.

Problem-solving, optimising, sales, strategy, marketing, growth, communication, recruitment, education, innovation, sustainability, employee satisfaction, naming, public relations, workplace, business models, collaboration, events, automation, customer experience, new technology, cybersecurity, digitalisation, identity, robotics, design, advertising, leadership, productivity, e-commerce, risk management, efficiency, finance, quality, safety, retail, gamification, social media, employee well-being, customer engagement …just some of the topics that can be the subject of a creative thinking session.

At HatRabbits we know from working with our clients that you can think creatively about almost every topic, in every field. To give you an idea of the variety in challenges that can be solved with creative thinking, I’ve listed a few real-life questions below.

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