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Hundreds of English learning activities


From ancient Egypt to the first Olympic Games in Greece, sports are one of the most valuable activities for humanity and, for children especially, it’s one of the foundations of a positive physical and mental development throughout their lives. Whether it’s running, playing tennis, or doing gymnastics, sports are a great asset for kids education. In this list of sports, you’ll find all the vocabulary in English related to the main disciplines, competitions, and games, so your little ones can start learning right away about this essential topic.

What is a sport?

There are many different sports disciplines around the world, some more known than others. However, to learn about these it could be a good idea to first answer the main question “What is a sport?” A sport is an activity that is competitive and athletic, and which requires some particular set of skills or physical abilities to be carried out.

There are several types of sports, usually divided by four main categories according to the types of skills required: physical sports (swimming, gymnastics), motorised sports (these often involve vehicles like cars or motorbikes), mind sports (like chess, which needs a lot of attention and critical thinking skills), and sports with animals (horseback riding, for example). Some of these activities can be individual, and others may be performed on couples or even teams. Now, let’s take a look at the main sports there are and some vocabulary about sports in English

Why are sports important?

Sports are deeply ingrained in the different cultures found around the world. Learning about sports helps the little ones get to know more about their surroundings, breaking down language and cultural barriers as they get to know new vocabulary and expressions as they practice their favorite disciplines. Moreover, practicing a sport is the perfect way for children to learn about sportsmanship, and also to grasp the importance that teamwork has in a person’s life.

Additionally, children that grow up practicing a sport develop great physical skills, are more inclined to make new friends have improved self-esteem and lower levels of stress, which in turn is quite beneficial for their mental health. So, sports are not only great for the body, but also for the children’s mind.

Sports Names

Let’s take a look at some sports vocabulary in English, from the name of sports to items related to them.

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