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When is my child ready to participate in sports?


Starting a child in sports at too young an age may not benefit the child physically. Children can start playing team sports when they express strong interest and you feel they can handle it. Age and size shouldn’t be the only measures used. Also consider their ability to understand the concept of rules and teamwork. Keep in mind that no 2 children are alike. Some may not be ready physically or psychologically to take part in a team sport until they are older. Base your decision on whether to allow the child to take part in a particular sport based on the following:

1. Age

2. Weight

3. Build

4. Physical development

5. Emotional development

6. Child’s interest in the sport

Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that late-developing teens not take part in contact sports until their bodies have developmentally “caught up” to their peers’ bodies.

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