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Weight Loss: This High-Protein Breakfast Recipe May Help You Shed Kilos


Are you looking to give your health a clean sweep and lose some extra kilos? If yes, then add foods that are rich in protein to your everyday diet. It’s mostly because of our busy schedules that we are not able to pay attention to our daily nutritional needs. Moreover, the meals we eat on daily basis fulfil only one or two food groups which are, of course, not sufficient for the proper functioning of the body. Protein plays a pivotal role for our health, which is not just restricted to fuel our muscles but also curbs our appetite. It keeps you full for a longer spell and you naturally binge less later in the day. Hence, various nutritionists and health experts suggest adding foods that are high in protein to our diet, especially if you are looking to lose weight. In fact, as per the findings of various studies, it is clear that after including protein in our meals, especially breakfast, we eat lesser during rest of the day.

One such high-protein food is oats. Oats are calorie-dense foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates. According to USDA nutrition data, 100 gm serving of oats has 389 calories, 11.6 gm of fibre and 16.9 gm of protein. Food YouTuber, Manjula Jain on her channel Manjula’s Kitchen talks about incredibly healthy and nutritious oats dosa and how to make it at home without putting extra efforts.



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