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9 in 10 engineers from top tech firms rate system design as crucial skill for career growth


88% of all respondents working in FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet- formerly known as Google) companies feel that system design is a skill crucial for career growth, according to a survey conducted by Scaler Academy by InterviewBit, an edtech startup helping engineers be job-ready.

Further, a focused conversation with a select group of respondents from the survey also finds that 64% of respondents would like to build their problem-solving skills. These respondents rated themselves low on their knowledge on team handling, designing large scale systems, and understanding design paradigms and principles. The focused study also reveals that software architect (72%) and engineering manager (23%) are seen as the main career goals to achieve in the next four years by the participants. A majority of these respondents (91%) also stated that architecting large scale systems is the most crucial skill to accumulate.

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