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Top 10 HR Trends That Matter Most In The 2020 Workplace


The 2020 Workplace is here! The workplace I described in my book, The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop, and Keep Tomorrow’s Employees Today, is now distinguished by a workplace where the rapid pace of change is the new constant in the world of work!

As we head into the 2020 workplace, ask yourself: how can you lead your HR function in the next decade?

Here is my countdown of what you need to include on your HR agenda for the 2020 workplace:

#1) Start With Focusing On Worker Wellbeing

Many companies concerned about the future of work focus on the massive disruption of jobs, automation, and workforce demographics. All of this is important but as HR leaders we need to start with making worker wellbeing a priority in 2020!

Michael Fenlon, Chief People Officer of PwC, shares why this is growing in importance, “As HR leaders worker wellbeing is impacted by several macro trends such as the growth of the digital economy and the increased need to develop resilience while we are being bombarded by constant social media notifications. We decided as a firm it was time to study this and take action.” PwC conducted a comprehensive study among their global workforce with University of Southern California (USC) to explore this in depth.First, PwC defined worker wellbeing in a holistic way, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lenses. Then PwC team set out to identify specific practices that can improve wellbeing. This makes wellbeing tangible rather than an abstract concept. These habits are identified in the PwC Habit Bank and range from reminding employees to stand up for short meetings, wind down prior to sleep, make time to be outside with nature, turn off smartphone notifications, and decide what “not” to do as well as what to “focus” on!PwC created a technology platform that integrates all of this called Be Well, Work Well and it is a one-stop-shop for all things wellbeing.

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