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Technology Innovation — Trends and Opportunities


Technology is moving at an incredible pace. We live in an amazing era where things like autonomous cars, personalized medicine, and quantum computing are becoming real as we speak. Artificial Intelligence, crypto-currencies, advanced automation, deep learning, and concepts like Universal Basic Income are about to reshape our world — what an exciting era to live in!

The years to come will bring impressive technological breakthroughs with a massive impact on our lives, markets, and societies. In our connected world, with the unprecedented level of informationknowledge, and ideas exchange, innovation is happening continuously, at scale, and in several forms. It is driven by corporations, secret labs, universities, startups, research scientists, or simply by thousands of creative individuals across the globe.

It is not feasible to summarize the trends of technology and opportunities for innovation in a single article. Instead, I am listing below the areas I find most exciting to watch — the most promising developments in the wider information technology spectrum. Here is my list:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence these days. And yes, in many cases, the topic is covered with exaggerations and hype. Fortunately, the overall A.I. progress and the pace of the underlying technological innovation easily justifies this hype.

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