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Mental health suffers under the lockdown


We must acknowledge the impact of this pandemic on people severely affected by mental illness so we are not faced with a hidden epidemic, writes Danielle Hamm

 ‘Lockdown is depriving people of the things that they need to stay well, from peer support groups to the routine of work and social engagements,’ says Danielle Hamm. Photograph: George Wood/Getty Images

Similar to the fact that not everyone suffers equally in a recession, it is just as true that some people’s wellbeing may improve during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Farrah Jarral sets out (The lockdown paradox: why some people’s anxiety is improving during the crisis, 29 April), this will be largely defined by people’s circumstances, and it is hard to imagine that such an uplift will apply to those in economically insecure positions, or those responding to the crisis from the frontlines.

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