Home Technology Jaybird’s Vista are a sleeker pair of wireless exercise earbuds

Jaybird’s Vista are a sleeker pair of wireless exercise earbuds


Since we reviewed Jaybird’s Run, the company’s first truly wireless earbuds, the competition has heated up significantly. So much so that just making the Run fully waterproof isn’t enough — Jaybird needs something bold to turn heads (and ears) again. Enter the Vista ($180): they’re lighter and sleeker than the Run buds, while also delivering significantly better audio quality and some useful upgrades.

Clearly, Jaybird learned a lot from the Run. Whereas those earbuds were a bit bulbous and large, the Vista are tiny and practically weightless at 6 grams (just a gram heavier than a sheet of paper). They fit comfortably, thanks to their ever-reliable wingtips and three bud sizes, and they feel sturdy enough to take a few hard tumbles. Jaybird also dumped its previous charging case, which was too large for most pockets and had a bad habit of popping open unexpectedly, and replaced it with something much more compact. It’s slightly larger than a pack of gum, and it also holds 10 hours of charge (on top of the six hours in the Vista themselves).

Based on my brief testing, the Vista feature a more stable wireless connection than the last models. You can also use each earbud independently, thanks to a much more efficient Bluetooth connection. With both Run models, your phone only paired with the right unit, while the left one basically piggy-backed on that connection. Typically, I traverse New York while listening to podcasts on a single earbud, so it’s nice to have the option of choosing either side.