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25 Trending Technology Research Paper Topics


Topics for your research project Artificial Intelligence in Our Daily Life. This technology enters all spheres, from entertainment to medicine. What are the possible advancements of AI? AI in Medicine and Healthcare. Is it a good idea to implement AI in hospitals to manage patients’ information? Medical Applications and Their Safety. Can unregulated medical apps harm people? Is it possible for us to distinguish reliable ones? Kids and Internet: Should We Restrict Their Time Spent Online? Young children have never seen the world without the Internet. Do we have to worry about the fact that they spend too much time online? Or is this a trait of a new world we need to accept? How Risky Digital Voting Is? Digital voting is fast and convenient, but can we rely on it? Does this method increase the level of falsification or vice versa? Augmented Reality: A New Way of Online Shopping. Large online stores start implementing AR technologies to let people feel and see how their products may feel. Will this technology occupy the market in the nearest future? Is It Possible for AI to Obtain Self-Awareness? AI is developing rapidly and becomes more and more similar to our brain. However, people are more than just brains, aren’t they? Self-Driving Vehicles. Are they safe? What should we do, when the accidents between such cars occur? Who are to blame in injuries and fatal outcomes? Cryptocurrency: A Critical Change of Financial Systems or Just a Buzz? Is it possible that Bitcoin can occupy the market and change the way we make transactions globally? The Benefits of Outsourcing. How the Internet and modern technologies make outsourcing easier? What are the main benefits of hiring people from other countries? Cloud Technologies in Healthcare Industry. Cloud can be used to store, manage, and retrieve information conveniently. However, is it safe? Home Technologies of the Future. The Internet of Things is entering the mass market. Can you predict how our homes will look like in the future? Cybersecurity in 2019. With the development of new technologies, hackers’ methods also improve. What are the latest advancements of cybersecurity? Blockchain: Pros and Cons. What industries can benefit from blockchain technology? How exactly? Social Media Platforms and Our Right for Privacy. Facebook is a place where people share information about themselves and their lifestyle eagerly. On the one hand, nobody forces them. On the other hand, companies don’t always reveal the details of information usage in their privacy policy. How to solve the problem?

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